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About Maple Shade Mercantile

Maple Shade Mercantile is an online store with hundreds of bolts of fabrics in an eclectic mix of new releases and out of print classics. I hope you find one that speaks to you that will be the perfect fabric for your next project. Maple Shade Mercantile is all about beautiful fabric.

Maple Shade Mercantile came into existence in 2003 making scrub hats and selling online.  The hub of the operation was my sewing room.  As I sit here typing this, it is hard to remember those days of being cramped into a small room of a small house.  When my husband and I discussed our respective hobbies, we decided we needed to build something to house them.  We built our dream garage, or
“redneck garage”,  if you’re familiar with that term.  Yes, it is larger than our house.  The bottom level houses his vintage trucks and the upper level is my sewing workshop filled with shelves of fabric, sewing machines, and the familiar tools of the trade.

My local fabric and quilt shops just didn’t have the variety of fabrics that I needed, and shopping for fabric took time away from sewing.  So, I started hand picking fabrics to meet my aesthetic and ordering directly from the same sources as my favorite local shops. Less time going to get fabric and more time to spend sewing worked for me.  Having fabric delivered directly to me is exciting.  Whether it is a 20 bolt order from a major supplier coming off the UPS truck or hand-picked pieces arriving in my mailbox, each order is anticipated with the excitement of a child in a candy shop

My business supports my fabric addiction, my sewing hobby, my cat and two dogs, and provides an interesting job for my son who cuts, packs, and ships your orders.  If you have any questions about my business or the products I sell, please reach out using the contact information at the bottom of the home page.