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Cool Weather Riding Comfort 

 Maximum Warmth in a Small Package



VeloMuffs, a better solution

A few years ago, someone brought me a pair of a similar product and challenged me to come up with something better. That was the birth of VeloMuffs - these little muffs are the perfect cool weather complement. . They are made of windblocking fabric and quickly and easily attach with velcro-like hook and loop tape.

What are VeloMuffs?

They are ear muffs for your bike helmet, perfectly shaped to fill the "V" that is formed by a bicycle helmet's neck and chin straps to cover exposed ears.

They provide warmth without the weight and they only slightly block out sounds.  Most of the sound that is blocked is that of the wind whistling against your helmet straps!

They cover more area than their other-brand counterparts. The VeloMuff is cut more generous at the top, so if your preference for strap placement puts the "V" lower on the face, the VeloMuff will still cover the ears. 

VeloMuffsmuffs are designed to be attached from the "inside-out" so that the muff also offers some comforting padding for the plastic hardware where the neck and chin strap meet.

VeloMuffs are constructed of material that has a breathable membrane layer that serves as the windproof agent yet offers wicking properties.